Where can I use solar in my life?

1 Industrial Workshop

Usually, the roof area of factory building is large and flat, which is suitable for Installing solar arrays. Because of the large power load, distributed solar grid-connected system can offset some of the electricity purchased through the network, thus saving users’electricity costs.

2 Commercial Buildings

Shopping malls, hotels and other commercial buildings have many electrical equipment, such as air conditioning, elevators, lighting and so on. They belong to high energy consumption places. Most buildings are cement roofs. It is more advantageous to install solar arrays. They can not only be installed on roofs, but also be designed on building walls to enhance aesthetics.

3 Public buildings

Public buildings have standardized and unified management, user load and business behavior are relatively reliable, installation enthusiasm is high, such as airports, stations, hospitals, schools and so on.

4 Shed/parking lot

The solar shed has strong practicability. It can not only shade the sun and rain, reduce the temperature of the car, but also provide electricity for charging new energy vehicles and enterprises.

5 Agricultural Facilities

In addition to the roofs of their own houses, there are vegetable greenhouses, fish ponds and so on. Rural areas are often in the public power grid, and the power quality is poor. The construction of distributed solar system in rural areas can improve the power supply and quality.

6. Farming and pastoral areas and Islands

Because of the distance from the power grid, there are a large number of non-electricity areas in the remote agricultural and pastoral areas of Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia and coastal islands in China, which are suitable for installing off-grid solar systems.

7 Water

Water solar power station is mainly solar + water surface mode. Among them, the utilization of water surface mainly includes ponds, lakes, reservoirs, reservoirs and so on. This kind of power plant does not occupy land resources, and water has cooling effect on solar modules, which can restrain the rise of surface temperature of modules, thus obtaining higher power generation.

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