1. It can adopt distributed construction, can distribute power nearby or on the spot, and can enter and exit the power grid flexibly. It not only helps to enhance the power system’s ability to withstand some disasters, but also improves the load balance of the power system and reduces the loss of the line.

2. It can make the perfect combination of solar cell components and buildings, can be used for power generation, and can also be used as building and decoration materials, which can reduce the construction cost and improve the technological content of buildings.

3. Solar power generation is a clean, renewable natural energy source. There is no pollutant emission during use, environmental protection and energy conservation, and it is in line with the economic and social sustainable development strategy.

MP has always been committed to “making China’s manufacturing to the world” as a corporate mission, providing clean energy solutions for civil, commercial, utility and large-scale public facilities, and creating a high-standard and high-demand dedicated service and operation team. We walked under the transparent blue sky and walked happily on the solid land; we could feel the blue sea flowing to your heart, and breathe in the green oxygen-filled forest as a corporate culture. Let each team member have passion, vitality and innovation, and customize a set of their own home solar power generation system for each customer.

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